The Poetry of Laura Buist Starnes was first published in a book in 1972: Cliffs and Columbines. All of the poems from the book are contained on this website.

Laura gave each of her three children two composition books of poems written in her own lovely handwriting. Most of these poems were dated, and, according, to the inscription, told the story of our mother growing up. We have also included various poems that we found on random pieces of paper stuck here and there.

In addition, we have added some poems by others that we know were important to our mother, including For Laura by her best friend, Ann Seeley Davey, who provided the illustrations for the book.

We dedicate this website to our mother with our eternal love.

Betty and Meredith

My First Poem
by Laura Buist Starnes
On Christmas day before I was five years old, I composed my first poem. After we had received our presents, I went out of the warm, bright house and stood on the back porch. It was very cold. I looked at the Cely's house, knowing they were having Christmas, too. And then, suddenly and thrillingly, the poem came:

On Christmas morning
Joy shall be
To you, your neighbor,
And to me.

- 1918